Gear Junkie’s Top Ten Adventures of 2007 – Part 2

The Gear Junkie has updated his list of Top 10 Adventures for 2007 that I first posted on yesterday. Today we get numbers one through five, and they’ve conveniently been added to six through ten, so we can see all of his top adventures in one list.

The top five are marked, as you would expect, with some great choices. Starting out with a trip to Area 51, followed up with a speedy bike race in a velodrome, and a climb up Mount Shasta. The top two spots are reserved for swimming in subterranean caverns in Mexico and skiiing the Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah.

All in all, I’d say GJ’s had a pretty good year. There are plenty of things on that list that I’m sure I’d enjoy as well. The difference is, I don’t get paid to go on all those adventures, let alone try out all that gear. No, I’m not bitter… honest! 😉

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Gear Junkie’s Top Ten Adventures of 2007 – Part 2”

  1. There is that old saying about getting paid to do what we love…
    I just need to figure out how that all works though. 🙂

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