Holiday Gift Ideas For Outdoor Adventures

Tom, over at Two Heel Drive, posted a couple of articles in his blog recently from various sources that list gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer this holiday season. (Only 21 more shopping days for those of you keeping track!)

First up is the article from the Des Moines Register, which lists some great gift ideas for all budgets. The article breaks things down into categories like “Gifts For Kids,” which includes the ever-popular Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.

In the “Gifts For Under $30” category, you’ll find suggestions like a swiss army camping knife (where do you find a good one of these for under $30?) and a trail cook set. Other categories include “books” and gifts both under and over $100.

The second article is from the Dallas Morning News, which offers up its own list of outdoor-related gifts, Texas-style of course. Their list includes carabiners (always handy!), a Swiss Army Flash Drive for your computer (not sure how handy it is for the outdoors, but hey! It’s Swiss Army! And it’s under $30!), as well as a SPOT satellite messenger device just in case you get lost in the Texas backcountry. Or downtown Dallas.

I found the lists a bit amusing in part because they are from my old and current stomping grounds. I grew up in Iowa, so it’s interesting to see what their outdoor gift ideas consist of, and now I live in Texas, which is like a whole different country. Just ask ’em. They’ll tell you. Anyway, perhaps the two lists will generate some thoughts on Christmas shopping for your adventurer. Or yourself.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Selecting one gift for dear ones is very tough for me. i always get confused. Thanks for sharing your last minute gift ideas. i like gift certificate gift ideas.Too cute, great advice.
    OMG! This is awesome.

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