New Speed Record On Vinson! is reporting that Christian Stangl has set a new speed record on Vinson, topping out in 9 hours, 10 minutes, beating the old record of 19 hours quite soundly.

Stangl began his climb at BC located at about 2200 meters, and the temperature hovering around 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 C). He skied the 8km to the foot of the mountain, then switched into crampons and began the climb upwards. When he reached the summit, it remained 5 degrees F, but the sky was clear and calm and he stood on the highest peak in Antarctica at 4892m.

Stangl has now holds the speed record on all of the Seven Summits, having completed all of them in a combined time of 58 hours and 45 minutes, including a 16 hour, 42 minute ascent of Everest from the North Side. He also holds a speed record of 15 hours, 6 minutes on Cho Oyo as well, all with out supplemental oxygen.

Stangl carried his skis with him to the summit, hoping to make a ski descent of Vinson, however he discovered the terrain was too rocky so he had to descend a bit before putting his skis on. Christian attributes the new record to having a perfect weather window to make his “sky run”.

Congrats on an amazing record, not just on Vinson, but the Seven Summits in general.

Kraig Becker

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