Programming Note: K2 Climb On NBC!

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Just a quick heads up on a television show airing a week from Sunday on NBC that you may find of interest. The Jeep World of Adventure Sports that will be shown starting at 2 PM Eastern will focus on the Shared Summits recent climb of K2.

I caught a promo for the show last week while watching the Ironman last weekend, and the show looked impressive. Obviously we get plenty of coverage of Everest with shows like Beyond The Limit, but it’s seldom that we get the opportunity to see a climb on any of the other 8000m peaks. For fans of mountaineering in general, this should be a great opportunity.

I’ve already set my DVR, and I’ll try to post a reminder once again next week. Considering the coverage of other events like this one on NBC, I think we’re in for a treat.

Kraig Becker

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