Q&A With Andrew Skurka

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Uber Hiker Andrew Skurka continues is press junket today, this time showing up with a Q&A Session over at the Outside Blog.

Andrew is, of course, the thru-hiker who recently completed the Great Western Loop, a series of trails in the Western United States that winds it’s way through 12 national parks, and 75 wilderness areas spread out across Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho. All told, he covered 6875 miles over the course of seven months on the trail.

In the Outside Q&A he’s asked the usual questions such as how he prepared (does the author know who Andrew is?), his motivations (climate change), and his most valuable piece of gear. Other questions were a bit more interesting and unique, and Andrew talks about what it was like to get the news that is grandmother passed away while he was on the trail.

All in all, a solid interview. He still doesn’t want to say much about “what’s next”, but he does hint that he intends to write a book about his expedition. The guy speed-hikes 33 miles per day. I wonder how fast he can type. Will the book take longer to write than the actual hike?

Kraig Becker

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