The Rest of Everest: Episode 64

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The latest episode of The Rest of Everest is now available for download, as we continue the 2007 trip back to Tibet and the mountain itself. We’re up to Episode 64: Sat Phones & Monkey.

This week Rest of Everest Producer Jon Miller is once again joined in studio by his friend Scott Jacobs, who accompanied him to the Himalaya this past Spring. The two share more of their adventures in the early days of their trip, that included making a satellite phone call from the roof of their hotel, while the clear sounds of cattle can be heard in the streets below. In the background, the sprawl of Kathmandu stretches out into the distance. Jon comments that his wife support him in his excursions away, but it’s important to call home when you have a wife as cool as his. Wise words my friend. Wise words indeed. 😉

After the phone call, Jon talks a bit about why he wanted to return to the region. He says that his 2003 trip to Everest changed him for the better, and he was hoping to connect with his more spiritual side while in these very tranquil places in Nepal and Tibet. He mentions that he found what he was looking for and Scott chimed in saying he found more than he was looking for.

Tranquil is far from the words I’d use to describe the footage of the guys making there way through the streets of Kathmandu. The traffic is chaotic, with people walking, biking, and driving everywhere, while animals scurry about. The colorful shops flow by in the background, while the chaotic streets of the capital of Nepal come to life around the car. If you’ve ever had an interest in visiting Kathmandu, the video here will make you want to go even more. The small temples, with prayer flags flowing in all directions, the street markets, and the happy people will have you booking your tickets soon.

Jon and Scott eventually make it to the Monkey Temple and we’re treated to even more great footage of the Stupa, or traditional temple. There are more prayer flags of course, and a great shot of the prayer wheels. The footage of Jon getting a Tikka, or third eye, painted on his forehead are also very cool, and show a glimpse of the spiritual side of the culture.

So far, this journey back to Everest has been a great experience, and I’m looking forward to future episodes. The new shows are a perfect travelogue for Nepal, and I’m sure that will continue when Jon and Scott reach Tibet, and the mountain itself. Great stuff!

Kraig Becker

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