Top 11 Bicycle Friendly Cities

WEB enno1, which is obviously trying to convince us we should travel with them, has posted a lit of the 11 most bike friendly cities in the World, no doubt trying to inspire us to peddle our way around these locations.

Taking my advice from a few days ago they’ve decided to expand their list from 10 entries to 11. Why you might ask? Well, because Boulder, Colorado is on the list, and as I stated the other day, these kinds of lists should become “Top Ten Cities Not Named Boulder, Colorado”. That seemed a little long, so they just made it a Top 11 list instead.

Joining Boulder on the list are several other American cities, including San Francisco, California; Portaland, Oregon; and Davis, California. But this is a list for the World, so of course there are a number of other great cities from around the globe, including Basel, Switzerland; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; and Copenhagen, Denmark, amongst others. The top name on the list shouldn’t be much of a surprise either, as Amsterdam takes home the prize.

Each city is accompanied by a brief description of the trails and bike routes found there, as well as some highlights of things you won’t want to miss as you peddle around town. There are also some images and a few videos to also help give the reader a sense of what to expect.

So, if you’re looking for a European vacation, but want to get some exercise in while you’re there, then be sure to choose one of these bike-friendly locations. And remember, when cycling around Amsterdam, there are always plenty of bike racks behind the hash bars and brothels. 😉

Kraig Becker

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