Top 20 Snowiest Resorts In The World

What is it about this time of year that brings out all these “Top 10/11/20” lists? Perhaps it’s the lack of other news, so we have to have content of some kind. Regardless, The Gear Junkie has put together yet another list, this time for Forbes Traveler on the “Top 20 Snowiest Ski Resorts in the World”.

When putting together his list, this wasn’t just an arbitrary set of locations. Data was gathered by Bestsnow which compiles all kinds of data on weather, snow fall, avalanche forecasting, and so on. Taking it one step further, the data also looks at average snowfall for each month over a 40 year period, to determine which resorts belong the list.

You can check out all the resorts by running the slideshow yourself, but here are just a few that you can expect to see. The Mount Baker Ski Area in Washington state makes the list with 641 inches of snow each year. The Alyeska Resort, in Alaska weighs in with 513 inches, while Snowbird Ski Resort (brainchild of Dick Bass, “inventor” of the Seven Summits), in Utah piles up 461.

Of course, there are international destinations as well, with resorts in Japan and British Columbia, Canada making the list, but overall the list is dominated by resorts here in the States. So, take a look at the list, find a place close to you, and hit the slopes. Any place that gets 400+ inches of snow clearly hasn’t heard the terms “global” and “warming” used in the same sentence.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Top 20 Snowiest Resorts In The World”

  1. After years and years of asking the same question to seasoned skiing old timers and world travelers that ski, the best skiing and snowboarding in the world is apparently found in the the Colorado Rockies. However, I’m sure there is much debate to be had with the subject.

  2. The only places that I think could rival the Rockies would possibly be the Alps. I’ve heard a lot about how great the skiing is there, but this list is pretty definitive. If you want snow, and lots of it, head to the Western U.S.

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