Yeti Tracks??

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A film crew in Nepal claims to have found some interesting footprints that they claim could have been made by the legendary yeti according to this article over at

The production team is from the show Destination Truth, which apparently airs on the Sci-Fi Channel, although I’ve never seen it, or even heard of it for that matter. They spent a week in the Khumbu Valley, and found the tracks on the banks of the Manju River at an altitude of 9350 feet. The prints were found on Wednesday, and are purported to be a foot in length and ape like in nature.

The photo I have attached to this post is the host of the show, Josh Gates, holding a plaster cast of the print. Looking at that image, I have to say that while I can see a footprint shape, it’s not all that convincing, and it could be just about anything. Hopefully they have something more than that to base their show upon.

Perhaps the Yeti is coming forward now because he’s heard about that movie script we’ve been working on, and he wants a piece of the action! 😉

Kraig Becker

11 thoughts on “Yeti Tracks??”

  1. Looks more to me that they simply spent an evening drinking at the Rum Doodle Bar in Kathmandu. The entire place is covered with cut out footprints signed by mountaineers and mountaineering teams that have climbed in the Himalaya. The restaurant and bar is especially famous for it’s policy of free meals for life for any Everest summiter.


  2. LOL Jon! I was thinking the same thing earlier! 🙂

    Seriously, I’ve seen better plaster casts of “Big Foot” that looked much better than that. Maybe the Yeti was drinking at the Rum Doodle too!

  3. that’s really funny, but i agree with the rest of these commenters. how likly is it that they “Happen to be in the right place” and that their eyes are downcast the whole time they are walking. and yetis don’t walk on walls.
    Do they?

  4. I thought you might like that one! 😉

    Spider-Yeti, Spider-Yeti, does what ever a Spider-Yeti can…

  5. The only problem I foresee is budgetary. Originally, you were going to play the Yeti. But if the real one wants in, what are we going to do? He’s probably going to go all diva on us and expect his own trailer.

  6. He can share a trailer with Stallone. If he doesn’t like it, we’ll ship his ass back to Nepal where he’ll remain in obscurity with people questioning his very existence. At least with us, he’s got a chance of actually being taken seriously.

    Sheesh… monsters. You’d think they’d all learn a little something from Loch Ness.

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