8 Adventure Resolutions For 2008!

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Adventure Journey has gotten into the spirit of the New Year by posting Eight Adventure Resolutions for 2008 designed to inspire a sense of adventure in all of us for the coming year.

The article starts off by saying how 2008 has gotten off to a rocky start when it comes to adventure. There have been tiger attacks in San Francisco of all places, and Kenya is embroiled in an internal struggle that has brought unrest to a part of the World which has typically been very stable and safe. There is hope, however, that the year will still hold plenty of great adventures, and these resolutions will help to ensure that.

Some of the resolutions, like “Get a visa for an exotic country you had never previously planned on visiting”, definitely get the wheels spinning in your head. Make a resolution like that one, and the next think that comes to mind is: “Where should I go next?”, which is always a great question. Others, like “Master the art of swordplay”, could prove handy when fighting off pirates on the high seas.

Another fun article from the gang over at Adventure Journey. It’s never too late to set your own 2008 adventure resolutions, and perhaps this story will inspire some ideas as to what should be on your own list.

Kraig Becker

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