Antarctic Update: The Girls Caught Their Ride!

20080128sprita is reporting that Rita Glenne and Ine-Lill Gabrielsen beat the clock and caught the last plane out from the South Pole this season.

The two women were skiing a new route, unsupported no less, to the Pole from Vinson. But the last report we had on them said that they were exhausted and struggling to reach their destination before the last plane from ALE departed with the remaining antarctic explorers. The girls struggled through the last leg of their journey however, and arrived in time to catch a lift home.

Similarly, John Huston, Cameron Hudson and Sumiyo Tsuzuki had their own race against time, and beat it by arriving a day early. They extended their days to 30 hours to make their final run however, and while they were happy to achieve their ultimate destination, they were exhausted upon achieving the Pole.

Congrats to both teams in catching that last plane but more importantly congratulations for achieving the goals you set out achieve. Reaching the Pole is no small feat, and doing it unsupported by a new route is even more impressive. Great work!

Kraig Becker

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