Antarctic Update: Irish Team Due At Pole Tomorrow!

20080107thielscameron is reporting that the Irish Beyond Endurance Team should arrive at the Pole tomorrow barring any unforeseen circumstances. The latest dispatches from the team say that their energy levels are low, but their enthusiasm remains high as they approach their destination. It hasn’t been an easy go for the team, as they’ve battled fierce conditions and whiteouts most of the way, but with the end in sight, they appear to be in great spirits.

Meanwhile, a number of other Antarctic explorers have moved up and onto the plateau, where the altitude can have and adverse effect on their cardio and the cold winds can cause frostbite to skin exposed for more than a few seconds. The reports are that the weather is holding steady though, with temperatures hovering around the -22 C (-8 F) mark. The wind is almost non-existent, and the skies are clear and blue, allowing for the teams to make good time.

A number of the early teams are already off the ice, having gone home after successfully reaching the Pole. Both Adrian Hayes and Max Chaya fall into this category having achieved their third and second Poles respectively. The Sub-Zero Expedition is also home, with Todd Carmichael finishing up on December 26th after deciding that he was unable to continue South.

Meanwhile, there are a number of teams that are closing in on the Pole and should reach there in the next week or two. Several have crossed the 87th degree and we should begin to get word on more of these teams as they arrive. It seems like it’s been a relatively uneventful year in Antarctica, with skiers making good progress, despite the persistent whiteout conditions at times. It’s good to see these teams finally reaching their goals. Next on their list, go to a tropical beach I’m sure! 🙂

Kraig Becker

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