A Comprehensive List of the Great Hikes of the World

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Looking for some new ideas for places to hike in 2008? Want to plan an adventure for this year? Then check out this very comprehensive list of the greatest hikes in the World compiled by Enrico Forte over at his website Mandalatrek.com

Enrico has put together a “list of lists” if you will from some of the best hiking and trekking sites on the web. For instance, you’ll find Mandala Trek’s own list of the best hikes in Italy, but you’ll also find a list of the World’s Classic Treks from National Geographic Adventure. Other sites whose “Top 10” lists are referenced include iExplore.com, Gorp, Exodus, and of course are friends over at Best Hike who first brought this article to my attention.

Reading through the list, you’ll find a number of treks making several lists, such as a Kilimanjaro Climb, the Inca Trail, or the Annapurna Circuit. But there are also plenty of unique suggestions that are more off the beaten path, if you’ll excuse the pun. The page is a great resource for hikers and trekkers all over the World and really does have suggestions for everyone. So head on over and check it out, then break out the hiking boots and trekking poles, and hit one of these amazing trails.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “A Comprehensive List of the Great Hikes of the World”

  1. Very thanks Adventure Junkie!

    I really appreciate you like this list.

    I think today that find “unusual” hikes and treks on internet has become more and more difficult because it’s difficult for a new idea to receive the right visibility.

    So I’ve decided to aggregate some of the best to help beginners hikers save time.

    I read your blog and I like it too much.

    Keep posting your awesome contents and have a great 2008!

    Enrico Forte

  2. Thank Enrico, and keep posting the great content as well. You certainly have me beat since you do it in all those languages! 😉

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