Expedition Amazonas Update

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It’s been awhile since I posted an update on the Expedition Amazonas team, and a lot has happened since then. For starters, they’re down to just two team members still standing, but they’ve continued to make progress none the less, and recently reached Manaus in Northern Brazil.

You may recall that Expedition Amazonas is the team of paddlers who set out last September to navigate the entire length of the Amazon River, starting at it’s head waters at Mt. Mismi, in Peru. In the beginning they carried their gear until the reached a point where the river grew in size to where they could paddle on it, then put in their rafts, and faced some of the most harrowing whitewater anywhere on the planet. They stayed the course however, and have had their ups and downs, but eventually they put the whitewater behind them. However, as the river became calm, the land that it flowed past did not. They passed rugged, remote rain forest, with some areas controlled by drug lords, as they continued their expedition towards the mouth of the might river. When it’s all done, they’ll have paddled more than 4350 miles.

Their most recent dispatches remark on their arrival in Manaus. It took them just 15 days to get there from Iquitos, Peru, but the men worked in six hour shifts, paddling around the clock to do so. During that time they covered more than 1240 miles, so the team was more than happy to reach a milestone destination where they could rest some, resupply, and find updated maps. They still have quite a distance to go, but they’re in Brazil now, and they can see their goal growing closer. The race to the ocean is on, and hopefully they’ll remain strong and safe as they finish off this amazing journey.

Kraig Becker