The (e)X(web)-Files: The Truth Is Out There!

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Did anyone else read this article posted yesterday over at ExWeb? I’m not really sure what to make of it. Is it a practical joke? Does the calendar read April 1st? Is it the plot for the next X-Files movie?

Essentially, ExWeb picked up the story which was a dispatch from this site which is purported to be from someone who did a last degree ski trek to the South Pole. While there Kevin Dempsey and his team reportedly visited Project IceCube, an experimental station designed to observe neutrinos from distant stellar bodies in space.

Kevin’s dispatch reads like an episode of the aforementioned X-Files in that he claims that the project is a big cover-up for what’s really going on. He believes that a huge underground station is being built to welcome aliens from space and to prepare them to be introduced into the general population on Earth, where they will slowly begin to take over. He called it an “Alien Receptor Centre”. He goes on in some detail about the allegedly strange things going on down at the South Pole that he and others observed while there.

While reading the story I couldn’t help but wonder if I had inadvertently gone to the wrong website or if perhaps Art Bell had made an expedition to the South Pole. It’s certainly an odd thing to read, and stranger so to see on ExWeb. I have as vivid an imagination and am as open minded as just about anyone. After all, I’ve blogged on both Sasquatch and the Yeti. But this sounds like the plot of a John Carpenter film. Perhaps Mr. Dempsey is hoping to capitalize on the current writer’s strike in Hollywood and is looking to get his script published. 😉

Kraig Becker

14 thoughts on “The (e)X(web)-Files: The Truth Is Out There!”

  1. The aliens have been living down there for years. They waddle around in their black and white uniforms, congregating every year to lay alien eggs.

    Sometimes they go alien-swimming.

    That’s why the sequel to “March of the Penguins” will be called “Attack of the Penguins.”

  2. LOL! I knew those little bastards were up to something. And, by having them in every zoo and aquarium around the World, they’ve already started to quietly have them infiltrate our society. Genius!

  3. I read the article this morning. I couldn’t help but feel it is a hoax of some sort, or that the fellow who wrote it is off his rocker. It was hard to follow and almost incoherent at times.

  4. Completely agree! When I first started reading it I was just hoping they would get to some kind of point, and when they finally did I thought “Are they kidding?”

    Still haven’t decided if it was meant to be a joke or if the guy actually believes it. Very odd.

  5. LOL!!! Have any of you seen the film “Madagascar”? The penguins are highly intelligent and are military-like. They start off in a zoo, escape and hijack a ship (overthrowing the humans), and end up on Madagascar with some of their zoo mates. They are also excellent cooks. I’d like one in my home as a chef…, but if they’re gonna take over, I’ll pass! Thanks for the heads up! LOL!!!

  6. I have seen that movie! You’re right, those little dudes were very well organized! 🙂 More evidence of the impending “invasion”

    We have to stay ever vigilant. Trust No One! Question Everything! The Truth Is Out There! 😉

  7. LOL!!! Yup!

    I just sent my hubby this site. We used to be X-File junkies and I know he’ll just roar with this!

  8. Oh yeah. He’s going to love this story then. Perhaps the X-Files movie was accurate. I believe that was the one that showed Muldur and Scully at the South Pole where there was a gigantic alien ship buried under the ice.

    Although, now that I think about it, this is a bit more like Men In Black as we usher in our new Alien Overlords to the space port. 😉

  9. It very well may be the sequel to that X-Files, but I’m also thinking of a sea shore scene year(s?) later with more aliens. It was too long ago, you know?! 🙂

    Yea, he–or they!–must be filling in for the writer’s strike! A new form of entertainment is brewing: Reality fiction live from the South Pole!!!

    (Sorry–I never saw Men in Black, so I can’t comment! :-))

  10. That’s a good point. The article does sound a lot like the subject matter of “X-files” and “Men In Black” movies. What if they are starting to build up the hype for the upcoming movie by releasing a hoax articles on blogs around the internet. Kind of like what they’ve been doing with the new “Batman” movie and “Cloverfield.” Has anyone heard of the guy who wrote the article before now?

  11. I haven’t heard of him before now. ExWeb claims he went to Antarctica last year, but was unable to finish his expedition to the Pole and had to be pulled off the ice, so he returned this year to finish his “Last Degree” ski to the South Pole.

    It’s certainly a very odd story to say the least.

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