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ThePoles.com has posted an excellent interview with Polar explorer and all around Super-girl, Hannah McKeand. You’ll probably remember Hannah from her solo, unsupported expedition to the South Pole last year, in which she set a speed record. Not one to rest on her laurels however, Hannah is now preparing to complete the same feat at the top of the World, as she will be going to the North Pole in the Spring.

While most North Pole explorers are spending the next few months training in preparation for their expeditions, Hannah is occupying her time aboard a yacht, aptly named the Blizzard, in the Antarctic sea. where the ship is expected to reach Deception Island tomorrow. Hannah says working on the yacht will keep her strong and in good shape as her next adventure approaches.

Hannah also discusses the logistics of her expedition saying she’ll be carrying a heavier load this time out, as she’ll need to carry more food and fuel, as well as a gun (no polar bears at the South Pole), and a dry suit to deal with open water. She also says that she plans on leaving as early as possible in order to take advantage of the thicker ice in hopes of avoiding those patches of open water altogether.

All in all, an excellent preview to Hannah’s next big arctic adventure. I had a great time following her exploits down South, and have no doubt she’ll be just as successful when she turns her sights North. I’ll definitely be following her attempt at becoming the first solo and unsupported woman to that Pole as well. Good luck Hannah!

Kraig Becker

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