More on Freya Hoffmeister’s Epic Kayak Trip

Canoe & Kayak Magazine has posted an article with more information on Freya Hoffmeister and her circumnavigation of New Zealand’s South Island. Their report sheds a bit more light on the expedition which I first posted on yesterday.

First off, I mentioned yesterday that entire trip took her 47 days, but according to Canoe & Kayak it was actually 70 days, 47 of which were spent paddling. Freya set off back on October 24th of last year and paddled into her destination on January 2nd. In total, she covered 2386 km (1482 miles), while averaging 50+ km/day. It also turns out that Freya is the fifth person over all to complete the trip, but she’s the fastest to do so yet.

Most of the rest of their report is an excerpt directly from Freya’s Blog of her journey. Her latest blog post indicates that she’ll be back home in Germany tomorrow where she’s earned herself a a well deserved break. From there, we’ll see what she has in store for an encore.

Kraig Becker

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