Planet Ice Project Heads To The Arctic Ocean

GreenlandB 3 334 has posted a new update on the Planet Ice Project, which now heads to the Arctic Ocean to explore the impact of global warming in the region.

Planet Ice is the brainchild of writer/photographer James Martin and climber Mark Twight, who are spending two years visiting remote regions of the planet to study the effects of climate change and the disappearing snow and ice from those regions. Martin hopes to write a book on the subject once the project is complete, but for now he blogs his thoughts at Great Outdoors.

Over the past year, the men have traveled to Kilimanjaro, Everest, the Mountains of the Moon, Greenland, Antarctica, and now the Arctic Ocean. They’ll spend the rest of this year visiting similar places before publishing their thoughts on the vanishing ice, but you can imagine their preliminary findings so far, and it isn’t promising. Martin notes that the ice in the Arctic Ocean is retreating at an alarming rate, even as the describes massive walls of ice and towering glaciers.

Martin’s posts are often a mix of doom and gloom over the changing environment, travelogue of what ever exotic locale he happens to be in at the time, and a good adventure yarn has he ventures off into some remote region to check the health of a glacier. I’m looking forward to reading his book eventually, as it should be an expanded version of his blog which has a little of everything for the reader. But for now, it’s fairly clear to see, he’s finding evidence of global warming’s influence everywhere.

Kraig Becker

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