The Rest of Everest: Episode 67

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Jon and Scott return for another episode of The Rest of Everest as they continue their exploration of Nepal and it’s wonderfully varied culture. This week we get Episode 67: Fixing A Hole.

The guys are off to Pokara this time out, but before they get too far their car gets a flat tire. Much of the episode is spent watching the driver pull the tire off the car and then give it to a local man to repair. While this doesn’t sound like something that would be mesmerizing to watch, it actually is pretty interesting to see the man go to work with less than modern tools that are unique and still effective. It’s a very cool look at the every day life in Kathmandu and how the people of Nepal work. In modern, Western society we take a lot of our tools, gadgets and gizmos for granted, and one of the refreshing things about travel is when you have the opportunity to visit a place like this that doesn’t have all those modern conveniences, and yet the people are still happy, friendly, and have a good life. Perhaps there is a message in there!

In the end, Jon and Scott get a call to report to the airport rather than Pokara, as their seats have reopened up on their flight to Tibet. So we’re treated to more shots of the crazy streets of Kathmandu as they head off to the airport. Unfortunately, they were once again denied getting onto the flight, so Pokara here we come! 🙂 The next episode will show some of the highlights of that city, located in a unique and beautiful part of the country.

Kraig Becker

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