Surviving 72 Hours In The Wild

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Learning to survive in the wilderness is an essential skill that anyone heading out into the backcountry should have at least some knowledge of. You never know when those survival skills might come in handy, and sometimes even a quiet day hike can turn into an ordeal if you get lost, injured, or caught without food or water.

Popular Mechanics sent one of their writers off on a three day survival course where he learns to live without food, shelter, or water, along with a group of other like minded crazy fools. The results? This article which details his time in the wild and some of the various techniques he used to make it through those three days. He then compiled four survival necessities that everyone should know in the event that they made need them some day.

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Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Surviving 72 Hours In The Wild”

  1. I used to enjoy the challenge of trying out survival ideas, but am more into a few creature comforts now… 🙂
    I have also been enjoying ‘Survivor Man’s’ new season too.

  2. It’s funny how those simple creature comforts can make us enjoy our time that much more. It’s good to know you can survive if you have to, but why live that way if you don’t! 😉

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