Tasman Sea Crossing By Kayak Continues

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It’s been several weeks since I’ve heard anything about James Castrission and Justin Jones, the two intrepid adventurers who set off back in mid-November to kayak across the Tasman Sea. We had heard several weeks ago that the two were struggling with their morale and fatigue, but were pushing forward, but since then, I hadn’t heard much.

So, today I dropped by the expeditions official website to check on their progress, and it looks like they are closing in on their goal. As of now, they are less than 220 miles from Aukland and the record the books! They are expected to reach their destination around Jan. 15th, so obviously they still have some work ahead of them, and we all remember what happened to Andrew McAuley, but it seems that James and Justin are coming into the homestretch and looking good, despite the hardships, foul weather, and malfunctioning equipment that has plagued them since they left Australia.

I’ll post more updates as they get closer to the end!

Kraig Becker

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