The Ten Deadliest Mountains In The World

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Here’s a late entry in all those year end top ten lists. It’s the Ten Deadliest Mountains in the World according to Men’s Vogue. (Yeah! Who knew?!?)

The site has far too much advertising, and the pages are cluttered with all kinds of crap, plus the the information on each peak is spread out over multiple pages. All that said, the article does have some great photos, and there is a nice profile of each mountain to give you a little more background on them. I generally don’t like to post the entire list in my blog post, but I’m going to make an exception so you can jump directly to a mountain that may interest you, and cut through some of the extraneous stuff:

1. Annapurna
2. Nanga Parbat
3. Siula Grande
4. K2
5. Kangchenjunga
6. The Matterhorn
7. Everest
8. Mt. Washington
9. Denali
10. Mt. Fuji

Pretty interesting list. Some of them are fairly obvious like Annapurna and K2, but I had no idea on Mt. Washington. Very interesting. All in all, not a bad little article, even if it is stuffed with some superfluous stuff.

Thanks to The Goat for the link to this one.

Kraig Becker

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