Woman Kayaks Around New Zealand’s South Island

According to this report, Freya Hoffmeister has become the first woman to successfully kayak around New Zealand’s South Island. The circumnavigation took her 47 days, which she spent battling wild weather and choppy seas.

Upon reaching her destination at Okiwi Bay Freya greeted by Paul Kaffyn, who become the first person to achieve this feat nearly 30 years ago. Since then, two other men have also made the trip. Freya may not be the only woman to have done so for very long however, as the article notes that two other women are making the attempt. One left within the past few days and anther will get underway soon.

You can learn more about Freya’s extraordinary paddle by reading her blog and checking out her sea kayaking site. Congrats Freya! That’s one long and demanding paddle.

Kraig Becker

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