Alan Arnette’s Everest FAQ Updated For 2008

The very interesting and informative Everest FAQ over at has been updated for 2008 answering many questions on the mountain itself and on Alan’s upcoming Road Back To Everest.

This FAQ should be required reading for anyone who is a fan of Everest and would like to know more. It addresses such issues as the differences between climbing on the North and South Side, costs of a climb, the role of a Sherpa in the expedition, training for Everest, and a whole lot more. Alan also discusses his two previous attempts on Everest and how he is approaching his 2008 climb and the reasons why he is going back. (Hint: He’s raising awareness and fund for The Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

With the start of the Spring Season a bit more than a month away, it’s never to early to start studying up in preparation. So whether you’re an armchair mountaineer, an Everest fan, or a climber yourself, you’ll probably still learn something from the FAQ. It’s definitely worth a read, and you’ll likely have a healthier appreciation of what goes into a climb after finishing it.

Nice work Alan!

Kraig Becker

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