Circumnavigation Cycling Record Smashed!

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A 25-year old Scottish man has smashed the World’s Record for cycling around the globe, according to the BBC.

Mark Beaumont set out on August 5th of last year, and rolled across the finish line under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris 195 days later, on February 15th. Over the course of his journey he passed through 20 countries, including The U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and Pakistan, covering more than 18,000 miles along the way. The previous record of 276 days was smashed by more than 80 days as Beaumont averaged more than 92 miles per day.

Along the way, the young Scot endured long days on the road, raging storms, and an errant driver. While passing through the U.S. he was knocked from his bike in Louisiana when a driver blitzed through a red light. Fortunately there was no serious damage done. And now that he’s home, and the journey is over, he says he’s most looking forward to seeing friends and family and getting some sleep.

Thanks to the Geared Up Blog for this story and the video of Beaumont below.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Circumnavigation Cycling Record Smashed!”

  1. Man, why does that accident remind me of “Long Way Round”.

    Those guys made it through all of the 3rd world without much bodily harm, but once in North America they get slammed by a reckless driver on the interstate.

    World travelers take note: You’re more likely to get hurt at home in the USA than abroad…


  2. LOL! So true! What does that say about drivers here in the States? They’re more dangerous than all the things you’ll face in all those other very remote regions of the World.


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