Gear Junkie Giveaway Returns!

The Gear Junkie has so much stuff, he just feels compelled to give it away. I guess it’s tough to have all that extra gear laying around after you get done playing with … er … reviewing it. Anyway, in today’s Daily Dose he has announced the return of the Outdoor Gear Giveaway.

Starting today, and running through August, GJ will be giving away gear of some type each and every week. There is a catch though, you have to return each week and sign up again for which ever item is being given away. This means you can pick and choose which items are of interest to you when you sign up, so for instance if you have no interest in a six month supply of Clif Bars (this weeks prize), you don’t need to sign up, but can instead come back next week try to win those socks from TECKO.

Glancing ahead the weeks to come, there is a lot of great gear on the horizon, including tents, packs, clothing, sleeping bags, and much much more. So while the Gear Junkie makes a blatant grab for more web hits, it means we get the chance to win some great gear. Besides, I already drop by his site on a daily basis anyway!

Kraig Becker

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