Kilimanjaro & Safari Trip Report and Gallery

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I’m sure everyone is probably sick and tired of hearing about Kilimanjaro and Safari considering how much I’ve already discussed my own adventure there last year. But seeing as how it’s a relatively quiet day on the adventure front, I thought I’d share trip report and gallery posted over at

The article and photos are from a man named Bill Straka. He went to Tanzania last year with his wife and enjoyed a Safari first before she returned home and he continued on to climb Kili. This is the reverse order from what is typically done, as generally you climb the mountain first, then relax some on Safari. If the locals have their way, they’ll ship you off to Zanzibar for some beach time as well before you come home. While I skipped the beach, as did Bill, I did the climb first and Safari afterwards.

The article is an excellent account of a climb along the Machame Route with some nice details on what to expect. That’s the same route that I took, and reading the text of the article brought back some great memories. The accompanying pictures are very well done as well and really do a nice job of setting the location and tone of the climb.

Likewise, the text and photos from the Safari are great as well, especially the larger ones with captions at the bottom. If you’ve ever had an interest in doing Kili, a Safari, or both, then there is nothing here that will change your mind. It’s still a great adventure and a wonderful experience that I highly recommend, and judging from this article, I think Bill would agree with me.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro & Safari Trip Report and Gallery”

  1. A great time for you to reflect on your own adventure there!
    Myself, I wonder who found that Summit Stone placed there… 🙂
    How is the healing going? Ready to head back out!

  2. I’d love to know who found the Summit Stone there as well. What an amazing treat that must have been for someone.

    The healing is going well. Still a little sore, but not too bad. I have to see the doc again early next week and if everything checks out, I’ll be cleared to resume semi-normal activities ramping up slowly. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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