PQ Sprint Series Gets Official!


We’ve been hearing rumors about it for some time, but today it’s official. The Primal Quest Sprint Series has been officially announced and the first race is already set to take place on May 10, 2008 in Pocahontas State Park, Virginia.

Described as a series of “shorter, faster, high energy, adrenaline-fueled” races, the PQ Sprint Series will be 4-6 hours in length and pit teams of two against one another in the traditional disciplines of trail running, mountain biking, and paddling. Each event will have a special discipline or two as well, such as cargo net climbs, rope bridges, low crawls, and more.

Furthermore, points will be tallied from race to race throughout the series, with top twenty men and women each race garnering points. At the end of the season the top athletes and teams will receive additional prizes. The season point system is spelled out in more detail here.

The Official Website is already up and running, and you’ll find plenty of into already in place. For instance, the gear list is already spelled out, and the official rules are available as well. And if you’d like to host a PQ Sprint Race in your backyard, be sure to fill out this form.

No word yet on how many sprint races we can expect this year, but this is great news for the sport of adventure racing. PQ CEO Don Mann has been saying all along that he hopes to expand the Primal Quest brand with more races and events, and it looks like that vision is moving forward. Expect more big things from the PQ Crew in the near future.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there are 126 days until Primal Quest Montana!

Kraig Becker

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