Primal Quest: Kilimanjaro in 2009?

The Gear Junkie brings us more Primal Quest news today with word that the adventure racemay be heading to Tanzania and even more specifically, to Kilimanjaro itself.

Back in January, Don and his wife went to Africa to climb the mountain and visit the amazing country of Tanzania. And now it seems that the PQ CEO was so impressed with the place, and it’s people, that he might consider holding a future edition of Primal Quest there. Mann is quoted as saying “a race in the Tanzania might last 12 days, of which four to five days could be committed to having teams climb the mountain.”, although the Gear Junkie cautions us that clearly the 2009 race still remains in the very early planning stages.

When I interviewed Don a few months back he mentioned possible international locations for Primal Quest. He mentioned Canada, Costa Rica, and Africa when we spoke, although he felt that Africa was a long shot due to the expense. Clearly he’s had a change of heart after visiting Kili and the Serengeti.

I guess time will tell if this plan comes to fruition, but I have to say, this would make for one amazing race. The teams would be in for an event unlike any they’ve ever competed in, and after they’ve finished off the mountain, they’d spend the rest of the week avoiding Lions. How’s that for an obstacle in an adventure race?

Kraig Becker

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