The Rest of Everest: Episode 70 and 71

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Last weeks hiatus has me still playing catch-up a little bit, including catching up on the latest episodes of The Rest of Everest where Producer Jon Miller and his friend Scott Jacobs continue their adventures in Nepal.

Episode 70 is aptly titled “Kathmandu… Again” as our intrepid travelers depart from Pokhara and return to the Nepalese capital. The episode has plenty of great shots of the Nepal countryside that have become the hallmark of these recent shows. In this episode we get some really interesting footage of the agricultural process, as the people in the countryside do what the can to raise crops on the terraced hillsides. Other highlights include footage of the narrow roads that make-up the main highway of the country, a glimpse of the Kathmandu nightlife, and a meet-up with the LUNGevity Team, who would go on to climb Everest last Spring.

Episode 71 is entitled “Welcome To Tibet” as at long last Jon and Scott leave Nepal and Kathmandu behind them, and take a step closer to Everest. The flight to Lhasa is short and uneventful, but the guys are already starting to feel the effects of travel, as the Himalayan version of Montezuma’s Revenge threatens to make an appearance. Some of the great video we get in this episode includes shots of the mountains from the plane, as well as the first stunning images of the Tibetan Plateau. We’re also treated to shots of going through customs and entering Tibet, which they mention is not possible unless you have a guide waiting to pick you up. After a brief bit of excitement over who had the entry visa, we’re off once more, getting closer to Everest itself.

Two very good episodes as always. The adventure continues and I can’t wait to see what Tibet has in store for us.

Kraig Becker

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