Summit For A Cause, Summit For Someone!

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Looking for a new adventure? Want your next climb to have an impact on a young person’s life? Then check out Summit For Someone, a charity fund raiser sponsored by Backpacker Magazine to assist the Big City Mountaineers organization.

If you choose to join a Summit For Someone climb, you’ll get to select from one of 24 classic North American mountains, such as Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta, or Mt. Hood. To join one of these adventures, you simply make a monetary pledge to Big City Mountaineers, with that pledge varying depending on the mountain you choose to climb. From there you can elect to donate the money directly, or raise the funds yourself. They’ll even provide you with a fund raising kit.

Rock climbing trips can cost as little as $2900 while expedition alpine climbs run closer to $7500. Those prices include the necessary gear, although you can take a discount if you decide to use your own equipment. That money will help send as many as five at-risk teenagers on a wilderness adventure of their own later in the year.

Clearly this is a great program that benefits a really good cause while allowing us to have an amazing alpine adventure of our own. If anyone is going to participate in the the Summit For Someone program and are looking to raise funds, drop me a note, and I’ll be happy to give you a plug here on my blog. Perhaps I can help in some small way to achieve your fund raising goals and send you on a memorable climb, while helping some deserving kids to have an adventure of their own.

Kraig Becker

9 thoughts on “Summit For A Cause, Summit For Someone!”

  1. Another organization that does something similar is Bay Area Wilderness Training. They have a program called, Climbing for Kids.

    From the Climbing for Kids web site:

    Climb A Peak to Support At-Risk Youth!
    Create the chance of a lifetime for at-risk and underprivileged youth

    * $1,500 Worth of Brand New Climbing Gear
    * Training Hike with Fellow Climbers
    * Professional Guides to Lead Your Trip

  2. Thanks for the links Steve. When i get a chance I’ll take a peek at those sites and make a post on that organization as well.

    Keep up the great work over at the Wildebeat! 🙂

  3. This is such a brilliant cause. I have always loved climbing but the idea of doing it to raise money for underprivileged youth makes it even more worthwhile. I’m keen to start something similar in South Africa where there are so many at-risk youth. Thanks for the inspiration. Nicci

  4. You’re right, it is a wonderful cause and a great idea to raise funds and awareness for at-risk kids.

    South Africa would be an amazing place to start a similar program. The opportunities for outdoor adventure there are amazing and there may not be any other programs like it.

    Should you choose to launch something similar, be sure to drop me a note and keep me appraised of how it’s going. I’d be happy to help promote it.

  5. Thanks for your comments and thoughts Mark. It’s great to hear from someone who has taken part in this really great organization.

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