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I had a pair of websites e-mailed to me today that may be of interest to those planning a trip abroad.

First up, we have the trekking guide over at The main site is focused on providing in depth information for travelers to Argentina, including where to go, what to do, and a lot more. There is even an Argentina Travel Forum to interact with others planning a trip or who have already been there. The Trekking guide has some great information on the best locations to hike and backpack in the South American country, such as The Lake District and Tierra del Fuego, both of which are iconic destinations. So, if you’re considering a trip to Argentina, which I hear is a hidden travel gem, then be sure to stop by I have no doubt you’ll come away with some great ideas for your travel adventure.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to head to what is widely considered the the Adventure Capital of the World, then check out the official New Zealand travel information site where you’ll be able to completely plan your entire vacation. You’ll find great information on New Zealand itself, including it’s history, culture, and more. There are maps and info about the various regions of the country, and a page dedicated to all the outdoor adventures at your disposal. There is even a page dedicated to helping you get to New Zealand and then get around while you’re there.

If all of that isn’t enough to get you to go, to New Zealand, then check out the cool promo below. it does a great job of conveying all of the amazing outdoor adventures that you can take advantage of while you’re there. It’ll show you that NZ is more than just “that place where Lord of the Rings was filmed”. I’ve always wanted to visit this amazing country, and watching this video just reminds me why.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Hey Adventure Junkie – just wanted to express a sincere thank you for showcasing our site and our trekking guide! Vanessa (the trekking guide author) is a also an outdoor junkie and she put a lot of work into writing the best online guide to hiking and trekking in Argentina.

  2. It was my pleasure Cesar. You have a very nice site with lots of great information. I just pointed the way to your wonderful content.

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