Zooming In On Ama Dablam

450px Ama Dablam 1 by spock1
Jake Norton, who writes The MountainWorld Blog has demonstrated his incredible abilities with a camera on more than one occasion. He brought us an amazing panoramic view of Everest and even shared some of his tips on how to take better expedition photos with the rest of us.

Today he has posted a very cool picture of Ama Dablam, an 6800+ meter peak in Nepal. The photo was taken back in October, when Jake was leading the Everest Rocks expedition up the Khumbu Valley. To make this already cool image even better however, he gave it the Zoomify treatment allowing us to zoom in close to the summit, where you can actually see climbers making their descent after a successful climb. Awesome work Jake!

Ama Dablam stands 22,349 feet in height on it’s main summit, with a secondary summit clocking in at 18,251 feet. The mountain sits in Eastern Nepal, and is a prominent fixture for anyone making the trek to Everest. It’s name means Mother and Pearl Necklace, and it was first climbed in 1961.

Kraig Becker

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