Adventure Offers The Best “Green” Getaways

National Geographic Adventure is back with another great list for us today. This time it’s their Top 10 Best Green Adventures highlight some of the best eco-tourism destinations around the Planet.

Their list is broken down into three sections. The first section is the Eco-Success Stories with places like Brazil and Kenya being lauded for making the necessary steps to protect their natural resources. Each of the five locations has a brief introduction and a recommend “to do” list while visiting, as well as a guide service that comes with the Adventure seal of approval.

The second section is entitled ‘Tipping Point” and highlights three countries, Gabon, Laos, and Ireland, who have all made big strides in recent years to protect their environments and open them up to eco-tourism. I have to admit while reading about Gabon, I immediately wanted to book travel there to see those amazing jungles.

Finally, we have the Watch List with Greece and Turkey being put on notice. While both nations still offer some beautiful scenery, the regions have also become tourist destinations that are being overrun, endangering the natural environments of both countries.

Another great read from Adventure with some great suggestions for anyone seeking out an amazing eco-adventure. I’d like to do them all please!

Kraig Becker

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