Adventures In Bhutan

The National Geographic Adventure website has been updated with several stories on the mountain kingdom of Bhutan, including both an image gallery in color and another in black and white. The feature article follows writer Kira Salak on a 24-day trek into the heart of the country, while the Bhutan Adventure Guide can help you plan your own trekking adventure.

The feature article from Salak is especially good as it recounts here experiences in the fabled county as she attempts the Snowman Trek, a journey that lasts for 24 days, and is amongst the most challenging in the Himalaya. Salak remarks that unlike the Annapurna Circuit, where trekkers are required to cross a high pass, on the Snowman Trek you must manage 11 passes. The trek is so difficult that only a few hundred foreigners have ever completed it. It is as much a physical trek as a spiritual one, with deep meaning to those who under take it.

After reading the feature story, perhaps you’ll be inspired to go yourself, and the Bhutan Adventure Guide will be of some help. Geo is happy to suggest a guide service and some common treks to get you started. Just make sure you’re in good physical condition, bring your sense of adventure, and keep your karmic ducks in a row. πŸ˜‰

Kraig Becker

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