The Adventurist Interviews Alan Arnette

The Adventurist has posted a nice interview with Alan Arnette today, who will be leaving shortly for Nepal, and ultimately the South Side of Everest.

In the interview Alan discusses a lot of topics, including why he likes to climb, his approach to preparing for Everest over the past year, and his reaction to the recent moves by China to limit access to the North Side. This is Alan’s third attempt on Everest, and he says that he feels much more prepared to climb this time out, both mentally and physically.

You’ll be able to follow Alan along on his adventure as he releases dispatches on his website all the way from Kathmandu to the Summit. Regular readers to my blog already know that Alan is returning to climb for a cause this time, as he is raising funds and awareness for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

Good luck Alan! We’ll be following you all the way to the top! Climb On!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Always happy to lend any help I can. Can’t wait to see photos of you on top of the hill! 🙂

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