Broad Peak Winter Update: Back In BC Again!

Simone Moro has updated his expedition blog with the news that he, and his companions, Shaheen Baig, and Qudrat Ali, have once again returned to Base Camp on Broad Peak after encountering incredibly high winds.

On Friday, the team made a fast ascent to Camp 2, hoping that a predicted weather window would open up today, allowing them to make a bid for the summit. However, Simone notes that the high winds shook their tent, which had to be reinforced, and rebuilt in the early morning hours. The tent held however, and the team made it through the very long night, and made the decision to turn back to BC. All is not lost however, as they left behind some gear, including a tent, sleeping bags, and other equipment, as incredibly the team is still hoping to make one last attempt at the summit sometime this week or next weekend.

After two long, cold Winter months, on Broad Peak, Simone and the others are beginning to feel the effects of their efforts. The weather has not been cooperative at all, and now with time running short, it’s beginning to look grim for the team. Should they manage to top out, it’ll be the first Winter ascent on the mountain, and the first Winter ascent of any of the 8000m peaks on the Karakorum.

For now, they’ll sit ant wait, and pray that they’ll finally get their opportunity in the next few days. They are receiving reports of favorable weather ahead, but then again, they’ve heard that story before. Lets hope that this time it turns out to be true.

Kraig Becker

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