Buddha Bus Renamed Already!

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It seems like just yesterday I was posting about the Buddha Bus. Oh yeah! That’s right! It was just yesterday! Well, the newly launched 16-day bus journey from London to Urumqi, China has already undergone a name change according to this article at The Guardian.

Now named the Butterfly Bus has launched it’s official website with more information on the journey, including the route the bus will take and the projected itinerary. There is even a page up to book your spot on the bus. A one way fare will set you back £795 ($1600) for a one trip, and if you want to book return passage as well the total is £1295 ($2600).

The bus makes it’s inaugural run starting in September. Book quickly, I’m sure there are tons of people looking to catch a Greyhound to China.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Buddha Bus Renamed Already!”

  1. LOL! Yes, this would be one hell of a road trip. I hope the bus is a comfortable one. Just imagine how difficult the trip would be if you weren’t taking it with someone you got along well with. Ugh!

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