By Land and Sea: Circling The Globe By Motorcycle

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Check out this very cool site which is the home page for Beau Gunderson, a man who has set out to circle the globe on the back of his trusty BMW F 650 GS motorcycle. He intends to visit “the majority of the countries on Earth” on his journey, and he’s doing it all for charity no less.

The front page of the site is more or less the blog of the journey, complete with some really great photos. But you’ll also find a map of Beau’s progress and his expected path, a list of his gear, and a wiki as well. At this point the wiki is mostly empty, but I can imagine how it’ll fill up as the journey progresses.

Click on the “Charity” link and you’ll find out more about why Beau has undertaken his journey. He’s hoping to raise funds and awareness for various charities, like the Alzheimer’s Association, the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, and RAINN.

This looks like a great adventure and one that should be fun to follow. The charities are very deserving too. Good luck Beau! Enjoy the journey.


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