The Earth Expedition: Walking Around The World

This coming Saturday, March 8th, Daren Wendell will set off on The Earth Expedition with the intention of walking around the World. He hopes to use this journey to raise awareness of the growing water crisis and aids pandemic in Africa as highlighted at Blood:Water Mission.

Daren will depart from Amicalola Falls, Georgia and make his way North to Novia Scotia as part of the first leg of the journey. He’ll proceed from there to Europe and continue across Asia, crossing the Bearing Strait before returning to the U.S. and finally making his way home. All told, the expedition is expected to take seven years, crossing over 18,000 miles, on 3 continents, 14 countries and 17 time zones. He estimates that he’ll make 36 million steps on his journey, but I’m hoping he won’t be counting them all.

Also of note, is that he intends to learn the languages of the countries he’ll be walking through and become immersed in their cultures as well along the way. I’m sure you can’t help but pick up on local culture and language when you spend a lot of time in crossing a region, but in this case, he hopes to learn something in the neighborhood of 11 different languages at least in some part.

I originally saw this post at this morning, but The Goat Blog over at also mentioned it today. It seems that Daren will be sponsored by Kelty on his trip, helping him to pick up the tab for his seven years of unemployment.

The trip reminds me a bit of the Goliath Expedition still ongoing by Karl Bushby and Dimitri Kieffers Nexus Expedition as well.

In other news, I really need to get some gear company to sponsor my adventures. Will trek for gear!! 🙂

Kraig Becker

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