Endurance Planet Talks Primal Quest!

EndurancePlanet.com offers up excellent audio podcasts on a variety of topics centered around the endurance athletic events such as running, cycling, triathlons, and adventure racing. Today’s episode is an interview with Don Mann, the CEO of Primal Quest and the upcoming Primal Quest Sprint Series.

The 11-minute long podcast touches on a number of elements involving adventure racing and the PQ Sprint Series in particular. Don explains the sport for someone new to adventure racing, and then goes into more details about Primal Quest Montana, which takes place starting June 21st in an as yet unnamed location in the Big Sky State.

Don and host Kevin Patrick talk about the “primal” nature of adventure racing, and why people push themselves to run an event like PQ where it’s possible they could be racing for 6 or 8 days straight. They discuss a bit of the history of adventure racing, talking about The Raid and Eco-Challenge, and how the sport has evolved in recent years, leading up to the rise of sprint races, which allow for mortal athletes to compete in adventure racing. The PQ Sprint Series is designed to allow weekend athletes the opportunity to take part in a Primal Quest event.

The episode is available as an MP3 stream or file, and can also be listened to in Windows Media Player as well as Real Player. While you’re on the Endurance Planet website, be sure to check out some of their vast library of shows covering a lot of topics of interest to endurance athletes.

Kraig Becker

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