From London To China By Bus!

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Bus Adventures seem to be all the rage these days. A few months back I wrote about the Oz Bus which is a 12 week long overland bus trip from London to Sydney, passing through 20 countries along the way. But if you’re looking for something a bit shorter in duration, perhaps you’ll be more interested in the Buddha Bus, which runs from London to Urumqi, China in just 16 days.

Gadling reports that the bus will make it’s first run on September 6th of this year, so there is still time to get your bus fare together. The official site doesn’t have a lot of information yet, although it does sound like the Buddha Bus will live up to it’s name, as the quotes that are currently posted have a certain karmic ring to them.

So will overland bus travel become the new mode of adventure travel? There certainly is an interesting aspect to a long distance trip of this kind. Much like traveling by train, you get to see a lot more scenery, but hopefully there isn’t someone on the bus that annoys you, as that would make for one really long road trip indeed.

Kraig Becker

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