Kayak Camping: Everything You Need To Know

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Ever wanted to explore a lake, river, or other body of water by kayak, then spend the night on the beach somewhere? Kayak camping is a great way to visit remote places without worrying about who you’ll be sharing the camp ground with. Check out this article at the Canoe & Kayak Magazine website to get all the info you’ll need to plan your own paddling/camping trip.

The article, written by Rob Lyon, offers up some great tips for things you’ll want to think about before heading out the first time. For example, he recommends a number of gear items that will make your trip better, such as Teflon coated cooking gear, and sheepskin boots. But he also recommends that on solo adventures you make sure that everything you bring is versatile enough to have more than one use.

Rob goes into more detail on your selection of sleeping accommodations, breaking down the differences between a tent, tarp, bivy, or just tacking up a hammock. He even goes so far as to briefly review some shelters from top gear companies, helping you to select the one you want more accurately.

Kayak camping can be a lot of fun. Generally, a good touring kayaking will have plenty of room for gear, both in the cockpit and in dry storage areas, thus allowing you to carry more with you then you would normally have when on foot, including a few luxury items that you might normally have to leave at home. Plus, the ability for the kayak to get into some backcountry areas that might not be typically accessible by land, opens up some intriguing possibilities as well. Just another way to pursue a unique adventure!

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  1. This is EXTREMELY fun! Finding small beaches that are inaccessible to nearly everybody else – even seemingly in the middle of “civilization”. You can feel like you are in the middle of nowhere on your own little private beach.

  2. Agreed. 🙂 Kayak Camping offers some very cool alternatives to the regular kind, and the ability to really get away from everything is one of them. And as you’ve said, sometimes you don’t even need to paddle all that far.

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