Kiteskiing North Dakota Update: Success!!

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It’s been a month since I last posted on the the 2XTM Expedition which set out to attempt to kiteski across North Dakota. I’m happy to say that on February 28th the team successfully reached the South Dakota border completing their journey.

You may recall that back on February 11th the team set out from the North Dakota-Canadian Border with the intention of traveling to South Dakota completely through the use of the wind. The thought was that they would kiteskii the entire distance in an effort to promote the use of alternate energy sources, such as wind power.

The team consisted of Sam Salwei, Jason Magness, and Paul Cassedy, who suffered through arctic conditions along the course of their journey. At it’s worst, the temperatures were -42 degrees F before the windchill which made for some logistical challenges. To make matters worse, there were portions of the trip that had little to no snow, which made skiing nearly impossible. But undaunted, the team switched to wind buggies to complete their expedition while still adhering to the principles they set out to promote. In the end, they managed to travel nearly 400 miles in 18 days harnessing just the wind.

A film crew joined the 2XtM team to chronicle their journey, as did photographer Blake Gordon who took the shots with this post and has plenty more available in his 2XtM Gallery. The photos are excellent and really convey a sense of what the expedition was like.

Congratulations to the entire 2XtM team for a job well done.

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Kraig Becker

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  1. Sam Salwei, Jason Magness, and Paul Cassedy are travel a long distance with help of wind power that was great,from north dakota to south dakota is not easy to make that distance possible with the wind.

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