North Pole 2008: Full Expedition List Posted

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The 2008 North Pole season is ramping up quickly now with the Barneo Camp established, and a few explorers already out on the ice. As usual, will continue to be a source of updates and news throughout the coming months. And to kick off their coverage, they’ve posted a full list of expeditions heading to the North Pole this Spring.

Most of the people heading to the Pole are part of one of the “last degree” teams. That is to say that they have joined an expedition, such as the one lead by Børge Ousland, that will be airlifted to 89º North and they’ll ski the rest of the way to their destination.

Expeditions to watch this year include Hannah’s solo, unsupported journey, which I’ve already covered several time, as well as Ben Saunders’ attempt at a speed record, which will also be a solo expedition. He’s currently in Resolute Bay and making final preparations for his departure. The current record to the Pole is 36 days, 22 hours, which was set back in 2005 by team that used dog sleds and resupplies. Ben is going on foot and unsupported. notes in this article that several expeditions were scratched this year due to financial concerns while others have moved to Greenland where they can still get that arctic experience, but at a far cheaper cost.

Expect more updates and news as the season gets fully underway soon.

Kraig Becker

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