North Pole 2008: Hannah McKeand Going Solo!

hannah nth pole
We’ve known for some time that Polar Adventurer Hannah McKeand would be making a solo attempt at the North Pole this spring, but now we have a few more details courtesy of

It seems Hannah intends to depart for Ward Hunt Island, in Northern Canada this Friday, March 7th, to begin her expedition. She notes that she’ll be crossing 415 miles of frozen Arctic Ocean as she makes her way to 90° N. If successful, she’ll become the first woman to make a solo expedition to the North Pole. She’ll be making the journey unsupported as well.

You may recall that Hannah went solo and unsupported to the South Pole last year, and managed to do so in record time I might add. This journey will be much different from that trip however, as she’ll be dealing with open water, polar bears, and the dreaded negative drift associated with the North Pole. She intends to make daily dispatches along the way, which should be very interesting to read. I look forward to her comments on how different it is to travel to the North Pole as opposed to the South. If all goes well, it should take her roughly 60 days to complete her expedition.

Good luck Hannah! We’ll be following your progress. Stay warm, stay dry, and stay away from the bears!

Kraig Becker

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