North Pole Winter Update: 90° North At Last!

Over the weekend North Pole explorers Matvey Shparo and Boris Smolin brought an end to one of the most amazing expeditions in recent memory by becoming the first men to achieve the North Pole completely in Winter. The pair of Russians set off back on December 22nd of last year, and have made slow, but steady progress toward their goal since then.

Anyone who has followed their travels is aware of the amount of suffering the two men endured while on their way North. The extreme cold was so bad at times that it actually froze the down lining of their suits. Day time temps were often in the -45° F range, and to make matters worse, they had to contend with large patches of open water and ice thin enough that they fell through more than once. They were stalked by polar bears and pushed to near exhaustion as they drug their heavy sledges across challenging terrain. And to top it all off, they did it all in complete darkness, as the Sun still hasn’t risen at the Pole.

But at long last, Matvey and Boris have reached the Pole. 90° North has been achieved. Now someone go pluck these guys from the ice and get them to a tropical island ASAP. Congratulations guys! You’ve done an amazing thing, and you’ve earned yourselves a nice long, warm break. It’s been a real pleasure following along on your adventure.

Kraig Becker

7 thoughts on “North Pole Winter Update: 90° North At Last!”

  1. Congratulations to them , they come out to be winners at last!!!!!!

    I wonder what they would have suffered in those chilling temperatures, when We are not even able to bear the winters in our cozy homes.


  2. LOL! Yeah, a typical winter day has us running for the warmth of our houses, and these two amazing men lived in tents and spent nearly three months out in the very bitter cold.

    This has been one of the most amazing expeditions ever.

  3. Now the question is…
    Who’s gonna be the first winter to the South Pole or Inaccessibility south pole ?

  4. You know it won’t be long before someone does one or both. Probably on the same expedition! That would be in incredibly cold and difficult journey as well.

  5. Yeah I know.
    I’m already thinking about it and have an idea of how to walk without being frost by windchill…
    but i’m busy with another adventure for now.
    But who knows, if not done in about 10 years I’ll start getting some sponsors!

  6. That’s the beauty of having a thirst for adventure. There is always a new challenge waiting in the wings. 🙂

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