Pedaling (not paddling!) Across The Atlantic!

Best Hike has a cool story up today about Greg Kolodziejzyk’s attempt to pedal across the Atlantic Ocean. You read that right. He’s pedaling, not paddling, as the craft that Greg will be traveling moved forward in much the same way that as a bike.

According to the Pedal The Ocean website, sea trials on the “WiTHiN” vessel began in January. Greg hopes to launch his attempt at setting a new speed record for crossing the Atlantic under human power this coming December, hoping to complete his pedal in just 43 days. You can also learn more about Greg at where you can learn about his previous adventures and future plans as well.

This should be interesting to watch and the design of his boat is really cool. Check it out in motion in the video below.

A big thanks to Rick over at the Best Hike Blog for sending this my way.

Kraig Becker

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