The Rest of Everest: Episode 74: News From Home

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Considering the recent announcements from the Chinese regarding Everest, it looks like it might be tough getting onto the mountain this year. But fear not, as The Rest of Everest is here to fill the void, and it just may be as close as you’ll ever get to the Nepal and Tibet.

The most recent episode is number 74 in the series, entitled “News From Home”, is available today directly from the ROE website or directly from within iTunes.

This week’s episode continues Jon and Scott’s journey through Tibet with more scenes from Lhasa and the Jokhang Temple, including some amazing shots of a chamber filled with candles. Later in the episode, Lobsang, their Tibetan guide takes the guys to his favorite restaurant where they dine on Yak and other local delicacies, and manage to make friends with the establishment’s resident cat along the way as well. The absolute highlight of the episode has to be Jon introducing us to Tibetan toilet paper and teaching us for more about it than I though I’d ever learn.

The episode ends with some great shots of Lhasa at night, and Jon calling home to speak with his wife in a touching and private moment that is best explained in the context of the video.

Next week, it’s on to the Potala Palace, one of the most iconic and beautiful places in Tibet. Can’t wait!

Kraig Becker

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