The Rest of Everest: Episode 75

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Hot on the heels of last nights Special Edition on Tibet, we have a new regular episode of the Rest of Everest today that continues Jon and Scott’s journey through that country.

We’re now up to Episode 75, which is aptly entitled “Half A World Away”. The episode opens with some awesome photos and video of the Potala Palace, one of the most iconic buildings in Tibet, if not the World, and will be immediately recognizable to anyone who has seen photos from Lhasa.

From there we follow the guys back to the restaurant from the last episode where they have a scintillating conversation about hang nails while their guide Lobsang hits on the local girls. The effects of altitude and traveling are weighing on them however, and it shows through in several scenes later in the episode.

Anyone who has been to a distant land, and feeling sick, will be able to relate with Jon’s plight. It’s not fun, and there are times when you just want to go home. I got hammered with The Curse of the Pharaoh while in Egypt, and there were points where I just wanted to crawl into one of the ancient tombs and disappear. Nothing worse than 130 degree heat, the most intense sun you can imagine, and you can’t stray too far away from the latrine. Good times! 😉

But those elements are all part of travel, and despite the hazards of such things, we still can’t help ourselves from venturing out once again. In my case, I’d go back to Egypt again in a heartbeat, and I loved the time I spent there, despite being sick beyond belief. I’m willing to bet Jon feels the same way about Tibet.

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